Mensen staan centraal bij Randstad. Of je nu op zoek bent náár een baan of op zoek bent naar mensen vóór een baan. Bij Randstad willen we weten wie je bent en wat je drijfveren zijn. Ben je starter of professional en ga je voor eigen ontwikkeling? Of ben je op zoek naar gemotiveerde medewerkers voor de groei van je organisatie?

Wij geloven erin dat alleen wanneer we jou of jouw organisatie kennen, we het beste in je naar boven kunnen halen. Kennis van de drijfveren van mensen, van branches en organisaties en kennis van de arbeidsmarkt. Onze medewerkers staan kandidaten en organisaties bij met kunde en ervaring. Want alleen op deze manier draagt Randstad bij aan een duurzame toekomst voor iedereen.

Alle vacatures van Randstad in Utrecht...
Helaas, deze vacature is niet langer actief

Originele vacaturetekst

Warehouse employee

Are you looking for production work to gain some muscles? At Spotta you get the opportunity for this.

what we offer
  • An salary of 11,48 per hour from 18 years and up
  • Allowance up to 50%
  • Obtain forklift certificate
  • The opportunity to get a fixed contract.
  • You can travel by public transport to Spotta.
  • An opportunity to develop into an operator.
who are you

Are you able to lift up to 15 kilos all day? When you want to work for Spotta in Utrecht, it is important that you meet the requirements below.

  • You live within an area of maximum of 30 kilometers from Spotta;
  • You speak English or Dutch;
  • You are able to lift up to 15 kilos all day;
  • You don't mind standing in one place all day;
  • You are available to work on Saturdays.
what will you do

As a production employee at Spotta, you work on the machine. You keep the machine running. You put the final products on pallets and sort these on postal code. This machine ensures that the flyers are divided automatically. It is important that you report problems with the machine. When the packages are ready, they are stacked on a pallet and are made ready for shipping.

Working Hours
You can choice your own shifts.

  • Day shift: 06:00 AM to 02:00 AM
  • Evening service: 14:00 AM to 22:00 PM
  • Night shift 22:00 PM to 06:00 AM
where will you work

You will work at Spotta, a company that provides flyer packages in the Netherlands.
When the job works out well for you, you have the opportunity to grow to the operator position. Spotta is also open to taking over personnel, provided that both parties are of course satisfied.

You will receive a travel allowance up to a maximum of 9.38 euros per day.

  • The address of Spotta is Rutherfordweg 102 in Utrecht. This address is easily accessible by car but also by public transport.
job application

Interested? Apply directly and make sure that you CV is online. We respond as soon as possible.

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent.




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