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Originele vacaturetekst

Orderpicker (English)

Do the words like Kallax, Billy or Malm tell you something? I certainly hope so! If not then you can expand your knowledge about Swedish furniture! With a salary of €11,31 per hour! And an extra shift allowance of 13,75% if you're working in 3 shifts! That's possible if you will start working as an orderpicker at XPO in Oosterhout.

What we offer
  • Salary of €11,31 gross per hour
  • Shift allowance from 13,75% = total €12,87 an hour
  • Full time work!
  • Internal training for the EPT.
  • Growth opportunities to a team leader. Or further!
  • Great chance of a permanent contract!
Who you are

Besides that you love Swedish furniture it's also important that, you:

  • Can apply for a VOG.
  • Live near Oosterhout.
  • Are physically fit enough to stand, walk and lift heavy products all day.
What will you do

Well, as an orderpicker you will be obviously collecting the orders! That's not a surprise :) In this huge warehouse orderpickers are using an EPT. If you don't have experience with it yet or never drove one is also not a problem. You will get a training and official certificate for it! Safety first!
Everyday at the beginning of your shift you take a scanner and you can choose the best EPT for you. Spoiler alert, they are all the same colour! ;) Now you're prepared, so it's time to check your order. In the scanner you see information where exactly you need to be and what products you need to have. After some time you see that your pallet is getting bigger and bigger. Looks like someone just ordered a complete kitchen. Nice! You can now bring it to the packing area and you have another satisfied customer! The next order is for a complete living room, so prepare to lift some couches or even closets. Well, free gym then! Of course it's not always heavy. You can also have an order of pillows, candles or towels. Nice and easy!

Where will you work

When you start working at XPO Oosterhout you'll become part of a really big family. Your colleagues have different kinds of nationalities. So maybe you can learn some other languages during work as well! At XPO Oosterhout you get a lot of opportunities to grow in your career. Aaron (orderpicker at XPO) tells us: "The colleagues and ambiance in the company are great. You won't notice any difference between a permanent employee or an agency worker. Everyone is treated equally.''.

Job application

Does this sound good to you? And do you want to become an orderpicker at XPO Oosterhout? Apply by clicking on the application button on your website. We'll contact you within one workday! Do you still have some questions? Give us a call,mail or app us!

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