Mensen staan centraal bij Randstad. Of je nu op zoek bent náár een baan of op zoek bent naar mensen vóór een baan. Bij Randstad willen we weten wie je bent en wat je drijfveren zijn. Ben je starter of professional en ga je voor eigen ontwikkeling? Of ben je op zoek naar gemotiveerde medewerkers voor de groei van je organisatie?

Wij geloven erin dat alleen wanneer we jou of jouw organisatie kennen, we het beste in je naar boven kunnen halen. Kennis van de drijfveren van mensen, van branches en organisaties en kennis van de arbeidsmarkt. Onze medewerkers staan kandidaten en organisaties bij met kunde en ervaring. Want alleen op deze manier draagt Randstad bij aan een duurzame toekomst voor iedereen.


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Mensen staan centraal bij Randstad.

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Do you want to work part-time in production, and make your own choices of when you are available during the day? Then Nelipak in Venray is looking for you. We are looking for packing employees at a machine, for 4,5 hours per day.

What will you do?

Nelipak in Venray is specialized in making plastic packing material for the medical industry. As a production employee you will work in a clean room. This means you will work in a sterile environment, where you will wear a suit and no make-up. You will check the products that come from the machine to make sure they are correct, not damaged, and clean. Then you will pack them with the right amounts and in the right way. Also, together with your colleagues, you will make sure that the workplace and the machines stays clean. It's a job where you need to be responsible and precise.

As a part-time production employee you are available on 3-5 days per week, in some of the following shifts:

  • 1st shift: 05:45 - 10:15 (10% extra payment)
  • 2nd shift: 10:15 - 14:45
  • 3rd shift: 14:45 - 19:15 (10% extra payment)
  • 4th shift: 19:15 - 23:15 (20% extra payment)

What do we offer?

  • A salary of €9,80 per hour (including ADV-allowance)
  • 10% extra pay for working in the first and third shift
  • 20% extra pay for working in the fourth shift
  • Work for a longer period of time
  • Travel allowance of €0,19 per kilometer
  • You start building pension after 26 weeks worked
  • Chance at a steady contract from Nelipak

You are the ideal Packer employee if you:

  • Can work standing up
  • Have your own means of transportation
  • Can communicate well in Dutch ór English
  • Can work different shifts (preferable also the 3rd shift a few times per week)

Do you recognize yourself as the ideal Packer employee at Nelipak? Let us know through hitting the 'solliciteren' button below. Do you have any questions about this job offer?

Call us on 077-3552711
Mail us on werving.zuidoost@nl.randstad.com
Or send us a whats-app message on 06-83036676

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor zowel mannen als vrouwen.


Scholing: Basisonderwijs

Uren per week: 23

Contract: tijdelijk

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