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As a production worker for PreZero you work together at the department Palletafbraak in Hasselt. The pallets come in from the Scania factory and we sort them out based on the quality of the product, if the quality is right Scania can use the pallets again! The pallets are brought in by your colleagues on the forklift. Together with you other colleague you will take the stickers off from the pallets, you check the quality of the parts that you take out and you sort them based on size and quality. Everything that is still re-usable by Scania is put together. Furthermore you look inside of the pallet, there is always some plastic, paper or foam that is left. Also these products are checked for good quality and sorted together. When you pallet is full your colleague on the forklift will bring the pallet outside again and take it back to Scania!

In this job you are an important part of the production process from Scania, we need to make sure that the production can keep on going together!


For the work that you do we are offering you possibilties to grow within the company to be an operator, forkliftdriver or supervisor. Depending on your position the salary is € 10,74 till € 12,82 without the additional payments for you double shifts. Because you work in two shift we offer you an extra percentage of 8,75% to your salary, travelling costs are covered starting from 10 km on a single trip. Sometimes you work on Saturday, the payment on this day is 150% of your salary. There is an option to get a contract from the company.


Over de werkgever

You will start for PreZero, which is an international company that specializes in recycling and sorting waste. In Zwolle and Hasselt they are based on the property of Scania.


To work in the production at PreZero you need to be able to:
- work in 2 shift, morning shift from 06:00 till 14:45 and the afternoon from 14:45 till 23:30;
- work parttime or fulltime from 24 till 40 hours a week.
- have transport to get to Hasselt and Zwolle;
- speak English or Dutch.



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minimaal € 2.080,-
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