Olympia geeft werk betekenis.

Ons werk is werk. Wij werken aan werk dat ertoe doet. Zodat jij kan bijdragen aan wat belangrijk is voor jou of jouw omgeving. En daar helpen we jou graag bij. Daarom willen wij je beter leren kennen.

Wie ben je en waar krijg je energie van? Waar ben je trots op en wat wil je bereiken? Vertel ons waar jij je wekker voor zet en samen ontdekken we welk werk, welke stage of opleiding het beste bij jou past. Het geeft extra glans aan de dag als je via werk bereikt wat je dierbaar is, doet waar je trots op bent en wordt gewaardeerd om wat je doet.

Alle vacatures van Olympia in Tilburg...
Helaas, deze vacature is niet langer actief

Originele vacaturetekst

Warehouse Operator

If you are looking for a nice job in logistics, you are welcome at Samsung SDS!

Samsung SDS is looking for fulltime and parttime operators for HHP. At this department you can find the smaller items of the warehouse. It is a physical job, but because of the sizes of the products it is not like lifting weights in the gym.

Together with your nice and international team of colleagues you will make sure the products from the warehouse will be shipped to the customers correctly. The inbound team makes sure the products which come in, will be checked and stored in the warehouse. When a customer orders products, our production employees will make sure the right products are on the right pallets. The outbound team will make sure the products will be going to the right customer. In this small team you will be working together to make sure this process goes well. 

The hours are flexible (between 6:00 and 01:00) from Monday to Friday. During the last two working days of the month, you can expect long working shifts because of what we call month end. Part time is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with flexible working hours. 


At Samsung you can count on these employment conditions

  • Salary of €10.51 per hour (age 21+)
  • 30% extra if you are working between 18:00h and 6:00h (€13.67 per hour)
  • Travel allowance of €0,19 per km
  • 8% holiday allowance and building holiday hours from your first day
  • Start building a basic pension for working week 26
  • A pleasant team with enthusiastic colleagues
  • Full-time job where you can work for at least 30 hours a week  
  • Temporary contract with the prospect of a permanent contract
  • Free parking spots on the terrain of Samsung SDS

Team Olympia Tilburg is here to help you!
We would love to come in contact with you! You can call us of send your cv to ur email addres and I will contact you ASAP!

Our contact information:
Uitzendbureau Olympia Samsung
013 5792799


Over de werkgever

Samsung SDS has got several warehouses in the surroundings of Tilburg and Breda. Samsung SDS had several warehouses in the surroundings of Breda and Tilburg. Samsung SDS is a logistics company that provides storage and transport for various (large) customers in the consumer electronics market. The company is growing, and because of this we are always looking for new warehouse employees

HHP is a small department inside Tilburg 1, Theseusstraat 13 in Tilburg. Because of the size of the team, the team has a really friendly feeling. It is an international team, and because of this the main language is English. 

There is a great atmosphere at the warehouses of Samsung SDS. Every year Olympia organises a big Christmas party to all the employees who work at Samsung SDS. Even with the corona pandemic, we have made it possible to feel the Christmas vibe in the warehouse without a real party. You want to know how?! Apply to this vacancy and you might get to know how. Most of the employees at Samsung SDS work on a contract of Olympia. Olympia has got an office at the main warehouse in Tilburg, with daily walk-in hours. During these hours you can ask all you questions about your salary, pay-slips, holidays etc. You can reach us by phone and e-mail Monday to Friday from 8.00 - 18.00.


We have a few requirements:
• You are someone who is willing to work in flexible working hours between 6:00 and 01:00.
• You are able to communicate in English, this is a must!
• You can handle physical work and you can work together with your colleagues!



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