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Would you like to work in a clean and high-tech environment, then I'm looking for you!

For Innovar Cleaning Control in Eindhoven I am looking for motivated people who would like to work as a monteur in a cleanroom. A cleanroom is a dust-free area where you mainly work on cleaning parts for the High-tech industry such as ASML and IPS Technology. You wear a special suit in a cleanroom.

You will mainly be involved in cleaning parts for the High-tech industry. This cleaning can be done in two ways: Manually or mechanically.

The high-tech parts of the customer are mainly cleaned manually. Manual cleaning means that you clean the parts one by one with special cleaning agents and special cloths. The parts can differ in size and weight. The very heavy parts that are mainly cleaned with two people, this to reduce the physical load as much as possible.
In addition to manual cleaning, there is also mechanical cleaning. When cleaning by machine, you make sure that the parts are properly set up near the machine, so that they pass through it properly. At Innovar they have various machines for cleaning, such as an ultrasonic water bath but also a furnace. As soon as the parts have been cleaned, you should always perform a quality check to make sure everything has been cleaned properly. You do this quality control by means of UV light. Under UV light, dirt such as dust, fingerprints and grease comes to light.

In addition to cleaning high-tech parts, part of your assembly and cleanroom packaging is also part of your tasks. Once the parts have been cleaned, they must also be packed dust-free so that they can be returned to the warehouse. You then have to pack the parts in clean plastic bags, also called Clean Assy's. This Clean Assy's is also part of Innovar's service.

What does your day look like:
You arrive at work on time, and first grab a cup of coffee and chat with your colleagues. Then you go to the room where you can put on the cleanroom suit. Once you've put on the suit, enter the cleanroom and get a short briefing from your shift lead. The shift lead will explain what needs to be done and who will work where. After about two hours of work, you will have a short break so that you can have a drink or go outside. After the break, you will go back into the cleanroom and continue cleaning and assembling the High-tech products. After another two hours of work you have the big break. Time for something to eat and drink. After the big break of 30 minutes you go back into the cleanroom. Then you will hear from the shift lead that an urgent order has come in between that must be completed today. You finish the work you were doing and then you get to work with the rush order. Then there is another short break so you can have a drink and get some fresh air. After that short break you go back into the cleanroom and after two hours of work your working day is over. You have completed the rush order on time and you go home with a satisfied feeling.

You will be working in an international environment, which is why the spoken language in the workplace is English. You will work in a 2-shift system, which means that you will be in the morning shift one week and the afternoon shift the next. The morning shift is from 6 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. Monday to Friday. The afternoon shift is from 2 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. and then you work from Monday to Thursday. This means that you are free once every two weeks on Friday!

Innovar is looking for people with good motivation who see work, and they also think it is important that you want to develop yourself. That is why Innovar has various training courses for you so that you can learn all the intricacies of the cleanroom.

Do you like a challenging and varied job, and do you find working in 2-shifts no problem. Then I'm looking for you! Respond quickly and maybe you will become the new employee of Innovar Cleaning Control in Eindhoven.


  • Full-time position for a longer period of time
  • Salary of €11.95 gross per hour from 23 years and older
  • Shift allowance of 15% for every hour worked. Your salary, including the allowance, will be €13.74 gross per hour
  • Travel allowance from 10 kilometers one way
  • Working in an international environment
  • You start with a temporary employment contract through Olympia, and if you perform well you have a chance of a permanent contract with Innovar itself


Over de werkgever

Innovar Cleaning Control is a leading player in the market for cleaning advanced High-tech products. Their main customers are ASML and IPS Technology.
The company is easily accessible by car from Veldhoven, Helmond, Uden and Veghel. In addition, there is ample free parking available at Innovar.



  • Command of the Dutch and/or English language in word and writing 
  • Fulltime available 
  • Available in 2 shifts 
  • Good motivation to learn new things and to develop yourself



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