Mensen staan centraal bij Randstad. Of je nu op zoek bent náár een baan of op zoek bent naar mensen vóór een baan. Bij Randstad willen we weten wie je bent en wat je drijfveren zijn. Ben je starter of professional en ga je voor eigen ontwikkeling? Of ben je op zoek naar gemotiveerde medewerkers voor de groei van je organisatie?

Wij geloven erin dat alleen wanneer we jou of jouw organisatie kennen, we het beste in je naar boven kunnen halen. Kennis van de drijfveren van mensen, van branches en organisaties en kennis van de arbeidsmarkt. Onze medewerkers staan kandidaten en organisaties bij met kunde en ervaring. Want alleen op deze manier draagt Randstad bij aan een duurzame toekomst voor iedereen.

Alle vacatures van Randstad in Varsseveld...
Helaas, deze vacature is niet langer actief

Originele vacaturetekst

Warehouse employee

Would you like to work as a warehouse employee in the biggest wholesale in the agricultural sector? Are you someone who has more energy in the afternoon or evening, or are you a morning person? There are many possibilities in working hours as a warehouse employee at Kramp in Varsseveld. So sign up as a warehouse employee at Kramp! Good to know: October 2021 and January 2022 there will be a raise!

what we offer
  • €11,04 (from 21 year and older)
  • working in day or evening shift
  • chance of a permanent contract
  • travel allowance from 5 km
  • great colleagues
  • development opportunities
who are you

If you are going to work at Kramp in Varsseveld you will be working with nice colleagues. You will receive an extra allowance of 25% from 9 p.m. You are the perfect candidate if;

  • you are at least 16 years old;
  • available in the day- or evening shift (06:00-14:45 or 14:45/17:00-22:00);
  • you are physically fit;
  • parttime or fulltime available;
  • you speak Dutch, German or English.
what will you do

As a warehouse employee at Kramp in Varsseveld you are responsible for collecting orders that come in. With the help of a hand scanner you will make sure that the right articles from the warehouse will be bundled and prepared for shipment. Fresh fruit is handed out between your work, isn't it nice?! Because of your meticulousness customers will receive the right products, which results in happy customers. Beside the bundling and preparing of the products you will also have to check and package them. By doing this we make sure the job of the customer is easier.

  • order picking;
  • preparing items for shipment.
where will you work

At Kramp in Varsseveld more than 175.000 product are being sold per day within the agriculture and horticulture segment. With 21 establishments in 29 countries and more than 3000 employees, Kramp makes sure that their clients will always have the right parts in their stock.

The assortment consists of over 500.000 products, with a great variety from a screw till parts of a tractor, but we also sell products like body warmers or toy tractors.

  • 25 vacation days;
  • staff association;
  • profit share.
job application

After a first introduction by telephone, you will meet with my colleagues at Kramp in
Varsseveld or Aalten. During this interview, it will be discussed which department Best suits your capabilities.

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent.




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