Mensen staan centraal bij Randstad. Of je nu op zoek bent náár een baan of op zoek bent naar mensen vóór een baan. Bij Randstad willen we weten wie je bent en wat je drijfveren zijn. Ben je starter of professional en ga je voor eigen ontwikkeling? Of ben je op zoek naar gemotiveerde medewerkers voor de groei van je organisatie?

Wij geloven erin dat alleen wanneer we jou of jouw organisatie kennen, we het beste in je naar boven kunnen halen. Kennis van de drijfveren van mensen, van branches en organisaties en kennis van de arbeidsmarkt. Onze medewerkers staan kandidaten en organisaties bij met kunde en ervaring. Want alleen op deze manier draagt Randstad bij aan een duurzame toekomst voor iedereen.

Alle vacatures van Randstad in Deurne...
Helaas, deze vacature is niet langer actief

Originele vacaturetekst

Production worker

Do you enjoy working with your hands? Does your heart beat faster in the automotive industry? Then this vacancy at Ebusco in Deurne is something for you! You will be part of an innovative company. You will be allowed to work in daytime shifts with the latest techniques and will be given space, freedom and challenges for further growth in your career. Do you show yourself? Then you also have the prospect of a permanent contract.

Are you excited already? Then read on...

what we offer
  • salary between €2000,- and €2500,-
  • prospect of permanent contract
  • fulltime, work in dayshift 8.00 - 16.30
  • informal and innovative employer
  • work environment full of challenge and development
  • build a nice working environment together
who are you

You have a positive attitude with a healthy dose of humor. You get excited about the automotive world and prefer to be busy with your hands. You do not often sit still. You like to work in a team. But you can also work independently. You are flexible and can talk well with your colleagues.

  • You can work independently and / or in a team
  • You are flexible and precise
  • You like to see results in your own work
what will you do

You and your team will be making and assembling parts for the airframe of the buses. The airframe is the bare frame of the bus without all the fixtures and fittings. You will use, innovative technology to make parts from composite and foam by pressing them into a mold. The foam hardens and a light, but strong part is created.

You will operate and maintain the machines and molds for making parts. Once a part is ready, you make it to size where necessary. Then you pack the parts.

When the parts are ready, you will work to assemble the body of the bus. You work with work instructions that you read or get. Then you will assemble the bus with the team by gluing the parts in the indicated places. In this way, you build a complete bus together.

The assembly line is still in full development and Ebusco would like to hear your input. There is an informal atmosphere and every opinion counts equally. You will help to set up the workshop and to determine the best working methods. You will also be given the opportunity to think along with the improvement of the working methods and the tools used.

  • Operating and maintaining machines and jigs
  • Sawing / planing parts to size
  • Read / understand work instructions
  • Assembling parts with glue
  • Assembling the body of the bus
  • Assist in setting up the workshop and establish working methods;
  • Giving input about the working methods and the tools used
where will you work

You will be working for the leader in the production of fully electric buses and systems for recharging them. Ebusco is still developing and growing, and they would like to take you along with them. Within this informal company, every opinion is valued equally. They want to grow together with you and therefore invest a lot of time and energy in your personal development. This will not only make Ebusco better, but you too! There is also time and space for sociability. With a nice cup of coffee in the company canteen, family days, staff parties and much more...

  • Company that wants to grow with you;
  • Technology is key;Informal atmosphere;
  • Values everyone's opinion;
  • Head starters in the production of electric buses.
job application

Do you recognize yourself in this vacancy and would you like to become part of the team? Or would you like to know more? Then don't hesitate to contact us!

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent.




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