Mensen staan centraal bij Randstad. Of je nu op zoek bent náár een baan of op zoek bent naar mensen vóór een baan. Bij Randstad willen we weten wie je bent en wat je drijfveren zijn. Ben je starter of professional en ga je voor eigen ontwikkeling? Of ben je op zoek naar gemotiveerde medewerkers voor de groei van je organisatie?

Wij geloven erin dat alleen wanneer we jou of jouw organisatie kennen, we het beste in je naar boven kunnen halen. Kennis van de drijfveren van mensen, van branches en organisaties en kennis van de arbeidsmarkt. Onze medewerkers staan kandidaten en organisaties bij met kunde en ervaring. Want alleen op deze manier draagt Randstad bij aan een duurzame toekomst voor iedereen.

Alle vacatures van Randstad in Utrecht...
Helaas, deze vacature is niet langer actief

Originele vacaturetekst

Warehouse employee

Are you looking for a stable job from where you come home after an intensive night of work with a full wallet? At GLS in Utrecht, we offer you a minimum hours guarantee of 120 hours for every 4 weeks when working 5 days a week. So you never have to worry about whether you can pay your bills at the end of the month. In addition, workweeks of 40 hours and more are more often the rule than the exception.

what we offer
  • between 12,23 and 24,46 euro
  • Make use of GLS personnel transport within Utrecht
  • guarantee you 120 hours
  • You can start within days
  • Additional night allowances up to 100%
  • an extra bonus up to 400
who are you
  • You're available to work at least 3 nights a week;
  • You can easily lift 20 kg;
  • You live in or around Utrecht.
  • You speak Dutch or English
what will you do

As a warehouse employee at GLS, you are responsible for loading and unloading packages in and out of truck trailers. It is physically demanding work, some packages weigh more than 20 kg. For example, you can be busy lifting a load of car tires. Are you looking at this as a motivating challenge? Then we are looking for you!

You can also be put to work to manually scan packages so that recipients can track and trace their packages. You can also be deployed in the depot 35 department from where parcels have to be sorted based on zip code. The packages are being picked up in the morning by the GLS deliverers to be delivered in and around Utrecht.

Because you will work at night, you will get an extra allowance. This on the following times:

  • Monday till Friday between 20.00-0.00 8,75%
  • Monday till Friday between 0.00-05.00 11,25%
  • Sunday between 20.00-0.00 (nightshift Sunday + Monday) 100%
  • Earn a bonus of up to 400 euros over the period up to September 7, 2021
where will you work

GLS is a leading parcel delivery service active throughout Europe. In the Logistics Center of GLS in Utrecht, you will find yourself in the heart where parcels from all over Europe come together. From there they continue on their way to their final destination.
Even though the internal transport of parcels is largely automated, a large number of employees are still responsible for the success of the organization.

job application

Are you becoming the next Dutch Arnold Schwarzenegger? Then apply via the button at the bottom of this page. We will be in touch before you know it!

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent.




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