Operator two shifts

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As an operator, you set up the machines in such a way that everyone in production can continue to work. And the products arrive in the supermarket on time.

What does your day look like? In the dressing room you put on your outfit, take your badge and clean your hands. Then you talk with the previous team what the day was like. The team leader is also there and you know exactly what is planned for that day. You get started and you start with the start-up: 

  • you also set the lines during and after production
  • in the meantime, you keep a close eye on the entire process
  • is there a malfunction? Then you try to solve this yourself first
  • if this does not work, you call in the technical service
  • you ensure a good supply of raw materials
  • and you check end products for quality
  • you also take random samples and check according to the HACCP rules
  • and you instruct about 5 production employees on the line

You will be trained on different lines, so that you know about everything. Not only do you get to know the different lines, but also the processes and the colleagues. It is a large company and therefore plenty of opportunities to grow. In function and salary.


In addition to a full-time job of 40 hours a week. You can expect a job for an indefinite period and a prospect of a contract:

  • starting salary from € 13,00 per hour
  • you also accrue 10% holiday hours and 8% holiday pay
  • ADV supplement on top of your salary
  • and you receive a shift work allowance of 30% on top of your salary
  • overtime allowance depends on the time and is at least 125%
  • the travel allowance is between € 3.00 and € 6.00 per day
  • after 26 weeks worked you will be included in the pension scheme, of which Olympia pays the basic premium
  • the possibility to take out your health insurance with a discount via Olympia
  • you can grow internally in function, to other departments or management

Questions? Then call Annemarie on 0493-351066 or email to a.de.bruin@olympia.nl.


Over de werkgever

In the Deurne region. This company prepares, processes and packages fresh products. Products that we eat every day and can be found in almost every supermarket. I cannot tell you which company it is, but I can tell you that it is easily accessible by car and there is sufficient parking space.

The company is spacious and has approximately 20 production lines. Each line makes a different product. Production employees work at each line and are managed by the team leader and an operator. They do this in two shifts.

What is striking is how clean it is and how hygienic it is. That is because they work with fresh products.

There is a good working atmosphere. Colleagues greet each other and chat with each other. You will be trained on different lines by experienced colleagues. You don't have to be afraid of making a mistake, you learn from mistakes. They take the time to get to know you ans teach you everything.

During the induction period you work in the day shift. Then you will participate in the two-shift roster. Your shift starts at 6 AM to 3 PM. Or at 3 pm to midnight. This is a fixed schedule, but shifts can always be exchanged in consultation.


As operator:

  • you have experience in a similar position
  • and you have a good command of the Dutch or English language
  • you are available full-time within a month



Wat wij bieden

€ 1.947,-
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